Premium Yoga Mat and How To Do Yoga

premium yoga mat Premium Yoga Mat and How To Do YogaPremium Yoga Mat and How To Do Yoga

Many of us have a nice and shiny premium yoga mat with the matching yoga towel and bolster, and the nice yoga outfit with the cool slogan. Yet, so many of us do not really know how to do yoga. Since yoga has become a fashion statement more than a spiritual practice, we see more and more merchandise around the whole trend than we see real yogis and deep practice, and if I understand correctly, this is not what great teachers such as B.K.S. Iyengar and the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois had in mind when introducing this system to the west. I feel that it is important to speak up and say the truth, as hard as it might be – We are more obsessed with the way things look on the outside then in the search of the inner meaning and the reason behind each move, breath and thought that goes through our mind and our present moment. I often find myself wondering about these issues, especially when discussing it with friends and fellow practitioners. Do not get me wrong, I am not troubled by this thought at all. It is just a wonder to me trying to look at the path Yoga has made from its roots in Hindi traditions all the way to the Fashion shops of down town Manhattan.

Premium Yoga Mat and Yoga Poses

Doing Yoga poses on your premium yoga mat is not as simple as striking a pose in the blvd. It is not only the outside look of things and the posture of the body and muscles. It is about breathing in the right rhythm and putting our consciousness in the right place. The true path of yoga reveals itself only to those of us brave enough to set aside their own judgment of reality and expect nothing. It sounds like a bunch of new-age stuff, I know, like how to do meditation and reading the stars, But rest a sure it is nothing like that at all. There is a deeper and simpler truth in setting aside your own ideas about the world and truly accepting the fact that yes, You CAN be wrong about things, and that YES, reality is far wider than what you know. After all, before you knew English, it still existed. Before you knew anything about the practice of yoga, it also existed, and before Premium Yoga Mat existed, there where yoga mats of all colors and shapes… well, the last part is not true, but I wanted to lighten the atmosphere a bit… icon smile Premium Yoga Mat and How To Do Yoga

Premium Yoga Mat -Do Yoga and Pranayama

If you are really interested in learning how to do yoga, you must first get to know pranayama breathing. I have written a couple of posts before just to introduce pranayama (just use the search box on the right top side of the screen for Pranayama). It is the sacred art of yogi breathing, and it comes in many types and shapes. It stands in the base of all yoga practice as you know it, hatha yoga, or Yoga Poses, as where introduced to the west. Be it Ashtanga yoga or even the new and popular Power-Yoga, breathing is with us throughout all types of practice, and mastering that art is a path of a lifetime all by itself. Watch the video, read the posts, and practice your breathing. It is amazing, and true changes will be available for you in no time. The best thing about this breathing exercise is that it is doable both on and off your premium yoga mat.

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Premium Yoga Mat – Practice Pranayama

premium yoga mat iyengar Premium Yoga Mat   Practice PranayamaPremium Yoga Mat – Practice Pranayama

Today we will discuss and watch a video about  the wonderful practice of pranayam yoga, a type of “breathing exercise” we can do off our premium yoga mat. The biggest most recognized yogis in the world, or actually the ones who are busy communicating and building a connection with the west, all practice pranayama breathing. People such as B.K.S Iyengar for example, teach and show how to use the great force of breathing by exercising different techniques in order to improve pretty much every little aspect of our lives. Watch this video below to get an idea, a glimpse into the world of pranayama breathing techniques:

Premium Yoga Mat – Iyengar Pranayama

In this video BKS Iyengar basically introduces the way pranayama should sound like. Here is what he is saying:

“In Hatha Yoga Pradipika they say… that the mind is the king of the senses, and the breath is the king of the mind. And if the nerves, nervous system which is about 6,000 miles in our system, has a rhythmic vibration then that rhythmic vibration of the nerves becomes the king of the breath. I will show you the inhalation and exhalation to experience the rhythm of the sound of breath…”

Than he is showing what is inhalation is all about, in an amazing performance of a full on pranayama Hatha yoga breath of no less than forthy-seven (45!) seconds. Truly incredible. Then, without any change in tone at all, he continues to say that:

“That is inhalation.”, To the sounds of the amazed crowd (How I wish I would have been there…).

Then, as he reaches back to the mic and after the crowd quiets down he asks with his endless smile: “Did you observe the beauty of that sound?”. The crowd giggles, and he goes on to say (and perform): “So also exhalation…”. And so he sails on to another session, this time exhaling for as much as thirty-two (32!) seconds, again, with the beautiful sound of Pranyama breaths, according to the hatha yoga. This is how you practice yoga. Wow! This alone can take you places you had no idea exist, and mind you that it is all done off your premium yoga mat, no need for any yoga postures or positions – just breathing.

Premium Yoga Mat – Pranayama Mindfulness

This is what I talk about over and over here on Premium Yoga Mat – the fact that with all the respect to yoga postures and all of the special techniques we learn in moving our body and making us flexible, or at least seemingly flexible, there is nothing more important than Pranayama and Hatha yoga – The base of it all – Our never ending breaths. So you can go on and on about practicing this and that, and how you enjoy your head stand so much and how flexible you have become these few months of posture practice, but as long as you forget to breath, you are only practicing the most shallow part of yoga. Sure, it is all good!! It is super important and it is a phase of you evolution as a yogi. Almost no one starts his yoga training in pranayama techniques, as we all go through the path of getting to know what yoga is all about in phases and in baby steps, while 90% of us get to know it through yoga postures. It is all great, and I hope you make  the best out of this information. I hope you enjoy and take all the inspiration you can get out of watching one of the great yogi masters of our time, the great BKS Iyengar, and that you will benefit yourselves and your loved ones by walking the never ending path of this deep art of Yoga. I promise to get you more inspiring videos about yoga and Pranayama here on premium yoga mat soon.

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Yoga Info On Premium Yoga Mat

premium yoga mat3 Yoga Info On Premium Yoga MatYoga Info On Premium Yoga Mat

I have decided to take a break from the Pranayama series of articles and return to the main theme of this page which is to share and gather information that is all about premium yoga mat. With yoga being the strongest runner for number one in popularity leisure for the rich and famous, it is becoming so common to see more and more yoga by-products that are made out of cheap materials and are sold for as little as 9.99$ on stores that has nothing to do with this amazing experience of heart opening and deep breathing. People seem to forget about the source and the meaning of things and go about setting their goals and aims at the stylish ideas that slick salesman are trying to sell them, and quite successfully I might add. This is not yoga, and a real premium yoga mat is not made to be used as a status symbol or a rag to sit at while you stare at the TV screen. It is made so you can honor your body while it helps to carry your soul through the maze of the never ending path of self improvement we call YOGA.

Premium Yoga Mat Info

It is time to get some of the real Yoga info you need in order for you to really understand and apply the principles of yoga while shopping for your designer yoga mat (as most of us go for designed accessories nowadays). The first and most important thing you should remember is that the color does reflect your thoughts and feelings, BUT, choosing a destiny color is the most important thing you can do for yourself if you are trying to go stylish while still doing things the spiritual way. So yes, It does mean that for some of us using a pink yoga mat is the answer, but why?

Choosing the color for your premium yoga mat in the yogi way means that you are not getting a color to impress, but a color to serve. To serve a need, to help the world, to give a meaning to things, and not only to reflect your favorite color to the world, so they can see how cool you are on your new designer mat. Choosing a destiny-color means you go for a color you know will do you good on the long run. How do I know these kind of things you ask?

Choosing A Premium Yoga Mat Color

Well, I will give some examples. If you are a Fire person (and you can take an element test on some web site online, maybe later I will put one on this site as well…), that while you are on your mat you should be balanced and not fired up. That means that as much as your instincts are aiming your hand at the loudest color mat on the shelve, the thing you could use the most is that deep blue or purple yoga mat that will allow some balance into your fiery way. Even an earthy colored Eco-mat will do the trick. Just don’t get that super loud red mat, as it might be high quality, but for you it cannot serve as a premium yoga mat.

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Pranayama on Premium Yoga Mat

premium yoga mat2 Pranayama on Premium Yoga MatPranayama on Premium Yoga Mat

Last premium yoga mat article we talked about pranayama and did a small introduction to the whole subject. It is important to remember a number of facts before we move on with this idea.

Number one – A deep practice of Pranayama yoga is not going to the gym or doing aerobics.
Number two – We must practice responsibly, as this practice of breathing moves things in our body and mind far beyond our grasp.
Number three – This practice of Pranayama is the core of all yoga asanas and yoga poses
Number four – It can be practiced off your premium yoga mat

The strong connection us westerners have created between the concept of yoga and poses is not so deep as it seems. Yoga, as many of us already know, is not only about  the physical asanas, which are only a good tool for those of us, and actually most of us me included, who want to move on and make some sort of spiritual development and are choosing not to live a yogi life to the fullest. So let us move on to the  more interesting part of this article and that is understanding what is pranayama yoga.

Premium Yoga Mat about Pranayama Yoga

So now on premium yoga mat I have decided to take a step off the beaten track of explaining about mats and the correct postures and asanas of yoga, and move towards what I find a tiny bit more interesting than the physical “labor” of yoga poses, and that is, You guessed it – Pranayama. What is this thing anyway??

Pranayama is Practice Of The Life Force. “Prana” in Sanskrit means life-force, and “Ayama” means extending, to extend and control. Yeah, I know it sounds a bit strange and new-age kind of thing, but this is ancient Sanskrit and in order to understand meaning of a word and a language, one must truly attempt to understand the spirit of things, the spirit of the times this word and language was created, and the what stands behind this declaration. In other words, you must grasp the “zeitgeist”, or “The spirit of the times”.

Premium Yoga Mat – Basic Pranayama info

So some of you are probably asking yourselves by now – “How come he is not spilling it out already?? why do I have to read all these facts and ideas? I just want to practice breathing!!”. Well, if you wish to know how to practice pranayama breathing you should, according to what I was taught, you must first get the basics down. Building a structure on unstable and not so solid foundations can lead to a quick break-down of the entire doctrine, and when dealing with the core of Yin and Yang in the body, which is what is done by an accurate and persistence practice of pranayama, one must know what he is doing. Of course, the western approach to things is not that deep and full of inspiration, even things as deep as Pranayama but here on premium yoga mat I can walk at my own paste, and I invite you to try and walk with me for a while, and see if it feels good.

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Premium Yoga Mat Pranayama Info

Premium Yoga Mat Premium Yoga Mat Pranayama InfoPremium Yoga Mat Pranayama Info

Today on Premium Yoga Mat it is time to understand some basic yoga info and we will start with the amazingly interesting concept of pranayama. DO NOT expect to get ALL the information in this article about prenayama. It is deep and vast, and even I who practice it and study it for a while do not have even the tip of the iceberg to share. It is important to read slowly and inhale this ancient art in the right paste. This is the path of the brave and not those who take haste. While many people think they know what it means, it still remains a mystery for the vast majority of the ever-growing crowds who practice Yoga, on its various faces. Yoga offers a large opportunity for ones ego to melt down thus allowing the mind to expand and the heart to open. Those of you who read this and think “Well, here goes one of those spiritual mambo jumbo again..”, Well, you are So wrong it is ridicules, and I can only wish you experience an open heart for one minute, and entire minute of life, and than come back and tell me if I’m wrong about this.

So PRANAYAMA is a word in Sanskrit (an ancient language thousands of years old) which means, basically, “Extending ones breath” or “The ability to prolong breathing”. The idea is much deeper than just inhaling and exhaling longer than you are used to, but it is more in the abilities and options that are available to you on the level of the mind and of thinking while you are in the process.

Premium Yoga Mat and Pranayama Info

Much like the word “Meditation” actually means “To observe” yet it holds an entire philosophy and practice behind it, so does the concept of pranayama. One need “only” to practice the breathing and observation (hence meditation) will be there. When we are talking about Pranayama, we are talking about a PRACTICE, and not only inhaling and exhaling for longer periods than normal. It is important you understand and remember that, so you can accept and be open to the things it engulfs in us. Many of us who practice pranayama, even on regular bases, are easily carried away by the breathing procedure into a world of thinking. You concentrate on counting the seconds of each breathing cycle, and counting is in the realm of thinking and calculating. It is purely a thinking brains activity, and thus it means your focus is not where it aught to be. This is the second most important fact you must remember and embrace when entering the world of pranayama practice, which can be done on or off your premium yoga mat.

Premium Yoga Mat Pranayama Life Force

The idea of preanayama, be it at home, in the park, in line to get tickets or on your premium yoga mat, is to encourage the life force with in you. It is not some voodoo concept I’m talking about, but more like the stamina available to you and the lengths you can run to while your life goes on. Having more life-force basically means you do not get tired fast, and have great stamina and ability in your life, and of course in your practice of yoga asanas, which is the most common practice of yoga in the west (not so in India, where it is only becoming popular the last few years with the locals beginning to understand the financial opportunities in opening yoga centers and in being Yogis for rent…).

The thing with yoga in general and with the Pranayama practice in particular is that I can go on about it for ever. It is not only because It is so interesting and deep, but also because I simply love it with all of my heart. BUT, I truly and honestly believe that giving too much knowledge in one shot is simply wrong. I know, it is the way of the west and the westerners, yet it does not provide the right results. I prefer to have touched a few deeply than many but scarcely touching the surface. Those of you who will take a deep breath and bare with me throughout the process of learning what it is to really inhale and exhale I hope a reward is waiting at the end of the line, a prize so great it can only come on the wings of a premium yoga mat.

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Best Premium Yoga Mat Ever

premium yoga mat1 Best Premium Yoga Mat EverBest Premium Yoga Mat Ever

People often go on a wild goose chase for the best ever premium yoga mat, as nothing but the number one product ever to be made in the history of man kind is sufficient for their royal yoga practice. Excuse me for being super honest and non-politically correct – W.T.F?  There is no such thing as the best ever yoga mat, as there is no such thing as best when it comes to human beings. We are all a bit different and have a slightly different body structure. Our weight is different and our height is different and the way we carry ourselves around on and off our mat is totally different. So how could there be one mat that is good for all of us? I’m not even sure there is a need for a mat, but we all feel we should use one, so we aught to be able to know which one is good for us, shouldn’t we? well, All of them are good, for different reasons, and depending on the type of yoga we practice, the way our body feels while practicing, and of course, the injuries and imbalances we carry around with our body and mind (things that a constant and healthy well-done yoga practice can change for life!!).

Premium Yoga Mat Review

Many people are looking for the best premium yoga mat and thus read and read and search for more and more reviews about every single mat ever to be made. Let me explain something very important here – and remind you what is really going on:

  • There is no such thing as the best
  • There is such thing as Premium
  • The mats you find are sold by better market people
  • Just cause you found a mat in the internet – does not mean it is the best!

The thing is that in this modern world where Internet is king and everyone is looking to shop online for everything, from clothes to electronics to yoga supplies, those out there who have money and desires to sell hire super-sales-man that push the product to be high on the Internet. So you search for reviews and want to read about what people say and thus make up your mind on what is the best premium yoga mat ever. How do you really know? the answer is you don’t! It is so hard to really know from reading posts and peoples reviews when it comes to something that has an effect on your body in such a direct way as your yoga mat. You need to try and get familiar with your body, and know exactly what it is that supports your personal specific needs, and I do not only mean the style.

Premium Yoga Mat is More Than Color

Many of us buy our mats like we buy our clothes – we look for the style we like, and its all about cuts and colors (and of course price, but sometimes this one is loose icon smile Best Premium Yoga Mat Ever ). While buying a yoga mat is a style thing as well, it is extremely important that we remember that our body is our shrine, and just because we love to have a pink yoga mat, or a blue one with dots does not mean that this 9.99$ yoga mat is going to be the best purchase for us. Yes, it is cheap, and it looks really cool and it even matches the yoga clothes I’ve bought last week in this “super yoga sale” store down at the local mall. All I’m saying here is that this little object is closer to us than all fo our clothes (except maybe the wedding clothes..), as it is there to support us in our inner development and our physical form. How silly will you feel if you get injured from slipping off the mat just cause you have some glaze on it, with a cool color scheme you just had to have? I mean, this is just not worth it. Get a good size, well thick yoga mat if you need one. Get a thing and small easy to carry one if you need a traveling yoga mat. Get what ever you need, but make sure that it suits your bodys need for health and good and safe practice. This is the best and most important advice I can give you here on how to choose a premium yoga mat.

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Eco Friendly Premium Yoga Mat

premium yoga mat Eco Friendly Premium Yoga MatEco Friendly Premium Yoga Mat

Today in premium yoga mat we will discuss some of the most important aspects in life in general and in a yogis life even more. Being Eco friendly means being a real human being, before anything else. Before you are black and before you are white, before you are a girl or a boy, before you are christian, Jewish or a Muslim, and before anything else you might think of, including a yogi, you are human. It is super essential to always remember that and understand that that is our basic core definition – If you can read these written words, you are human (and if you are an alien who happen to tap in on the internet and ended up on this yoga web site, then this is irrelevant for you, but might help you understand this creature we call “human” who puts on different hats, such as the “Yoig hat”). My point is that using ecologically safe and natural materials for our everyday life is just as important as in our yoga practice.

Today there is a vast and ever growing veriaty of yoga mats in different colors shapes and sizes. One could easily find a pink yoga mat to match his or her outfit, or an extra long yoga mat for super tall people, and even triple-size thick mats for the spoiled yogi. Either way, all these could ocme in different prices and it ranges from 9.99$ to over a hundred dollars us. There is a market out there for everything and anything, even in the yoga scene, but I still believe and truly hope that us, those who practice yoga regularly have the understanding of what this abundance means for good or bad, and how to set a green-example for our fellow practitioners, friends and family.

Pure Practice On A Premium Yoga Mat

While on my premium yoga mat, I get connected to the deepest most inner vibration, my core element and my connection to the orbit and the universe at large. I am not one and the world is another, but I and the world are but one. I breath with the pulse of the earth and my spirit rides the drifting clouds. No, I am not high on anything, unless you consider a healthy practice of hatha yoga a drug of some sort. The feeling I am trying to convey here, which is what I feel almost every time I practice yoga, is that there is no “other”, and the world is one unit, and so does its inhabitants. This ecological system is being slowly choked to death (well, speed is a relative term now isn’t it..?!) with the human pollution of the earth, seas and air, and if anyone should be aware and feeling it in their own bodies and in every breath they take, it is those who truly practice yoga.

This pollution is coming from over doing the wonderful act of creation over and over again. It is naturally in our genes to desire creation and creativity, and the practice of yoga only fires it up making the creation even stronger and more significant. But the western way of living, that in this era infects the eastern hemisphere as well (and you can see its negative and destructive effects in all major Indian cities already), the modern mistake of taking the concept of “too much” as a good thing – that is the root of our problem. Mother nature can take some punches, but just like any element, eventually if you over kick it, it will start to break. For this major reason I am promoting the idea of using only an eco friendly premium yoga mat for your practice.

Premium Yoga Mat – Understanding Life

If you are simply going through the motions, then do not worry about it, as you probably do not share the experience I was describing earlier. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! The only thing is that you might be reading this and saying to yourself – “What the hell is this dude talking about?!?”, and I do not wish to try and sound weird or anything like that. My aim is pure and it is about being there, feeling the world and the shifting of energy, just like you feel in your body. We think it is only changes in our body, but no, we are not disconnected from our environment. We are one with it, and when it is cold outside we feel cold, and when it is warm outside we feel warmth, and when it is polluted outside, well, we feel polluted.

Luckily enough, there are many people out there who care enough and try real hard to make a difference every single day – in their practice of yoga and in their daily routines. This is why it is possible for you, and super recommended for anyone in the yoga world to make a wise decision and demand his studio to use green mats. We are also required by good will and by a good and honest human-instinct to purchase only a totally non-polluting green premium yoga mat for our practice.

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Premium Yoga Mat – Book Review

premium yoga mat Premium Yoga Mat   Book ReviewPremium Yoga Mat – Book Review

Ladies and gentleman, Yogis and yoginis, today on premium yoga mat we host non-other then the human body in one of the most amazing books a yogi, or anyone for that matter can own – “The Anatomy Of Hatha Yoga” (just click the photo on the left to get it or read more about it).
While talking about the asanas and what they do to our body, we sometimes forget that there is more then just spirit, and that we are talking flash and blood – ligaments, tendons, muscles and fascia. This book simplifies the human anatomy and shows you exactly what is going on in the physical most basic aspect of your body in any yoga asana you practice, and this is a most needed theme. It is illustrated so simply and beautifully with full colors and with just enough text to explain what is going on without getting over technical and losing the readers attention and patience. It is an absolute MUST HAVE GUIDE for any person who practices yoga, and anyone that is teaching it to a crowd.

Stay Healthy On Your Premium Yoga Mat

This amazing book is a key factor in keeping our body in shape and not breaking apart while practicing. You might have the best top-of-line technology premium yoga mat, and you might be taking it real slow and with full attention. Your teacher might be a great guru with endless pools of deep yogi knowledge, yet you make a wrong move, and you may be injured, sometimes for life. Asana yoga, like the practice of Ashtange or any Viniyasa posture-changing flow can make your body strong and agile just as easy as it can injure it and make it painful and listless. The know-how of movement and of the body and its different ways is a precious treasure, and it gives you the ability to recognize real time what is going on with your body, why does this pose hurts and the other doesn’t, and how to change a small thing in any specific asana, to make it feel better and adjust it to your own body.

Premium Yoga Mat – We Are All Unique

We all have a slightly different body. Some have longer legs then others, and some were born with a bigger heart muscle then others. Be it so, we are still one and the same when you look at the basic core of our body functionality and the way the muscle system works. If your teachers tells you this position is dangerous for YOUR knee, it is dangerous for anyone’s knee, but your injury makes you even more prone to hurt. Why is that? what is it with the structure of the knee that makes this asana so dangerous? Why this one is bad for me while the other, that I feel my knee working hard in, is not dangerous at all? Understanding your weak spots and knowing how to recognize them in advance and real time can keep you from getting hurt, and allow you to continue a fluid and undisturbed practice so you can go on and on getting better and stronger in this wonderful practice of yoga.
To sum it up – I give two thumbs up for this amazing user manual for the human body, and recomand it with no second thoughts whats or ever. I suggest getting it second hand, as it is only a few dollars and it is more ecological that way.
The best gift for yourself and a great present for any one you know that practices yoga or anything else for that matters. You can get it right here in this link –> I Want To Get My Book!

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Premium Yoga Mat For Sale

premiumyogamat Premium Yoga Mat For SalePremium Yoga Mat For Sale

If you Like premium yoga mat (and what is there not to like anyway?) and read our posts regularly (and YES, I KNOW, I have been lazy lately with the updates and articles. I’m just so busy with school…), i’m sure you will be happy to know that we are soon starting to sell the best yoga mats, premium quality but keeping low prices. We will add reviews, photos, and a wide collection of mats in every color shape and size to our reservoir, for all those yogis out there, who are not satisfied with their mats, and usually for a very good reason. We are going to offer pink yoga mats, next to blue, green, and multicolored ones, with different styles and suitable for different yogis with different attitudes.

We are also taking care of out special-needs readers, who are looking for extra thick mats, or extra long ones, as humans and yoga people very in size and shape, and it simply doesn’t make sense that we all should use the same type, size and thickness mat, right?!

Premium Yoga Mat Discount

Another surprise we have here for all you devoted readers and yoga devotees of all nations is that there will be special discount prices for all those mats. So not only great products, which we have personally hand picked from a world of never ending variety, but in ridiculous prices, worth every penny to the last. I’m talking long lasting, strong, enduring, never breaking, great quality all sizes shapes and color mats, suitable for every style of yoga practice, be it a super active full-on Ashtanga, or a static and precise asanas performed the Iyengar way. There are going to be mats by the hand full!

Now another very important thing is to let it sink in the right way and remember – we are talking PREMIUM YOGA MATS, not just any low-quality cheap mat made from some low-quality oil-by-product material. So don’t waste your time anywhere else anymore, it is all right here, starting next week – our own High Quality Yoga Mat Sale! Exciting!!!

Premium Yoga Mat right here right now

So there it is dear readers, we have reached that point where it is time to stand behind our words and act accordingly. I’m asking everyone to stay in line, don’t push and shove, as there are planty of mats to go around, and enough products for all of our dedicated readers, and soon to be clients. I want to take these final words to promise, as always, that I am doing, and will continue doing my absolute best of efforts to make sure you guys are getting what you need in the best prices possible, and that as long as there are high quality products that could be found for a value worth your while, I will find it, test it, and deliver it to you readers. Remember that in the end of the day, I am just practicing yoga with love and care, just like all of you out there, and the same products I am offering here are the ones I use myself every  single day for my morning and evening practice. So, if I have tagged a product such as a premium yoga mat, It is only because I checked it and liked it myself.

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Premium Yoga Mat On Bikram

premium yoga mat Premium Yoga Mat On BikramPremium Yoga Mat On Bikram

Last Premium yoga mat post I’ve introduced Ashtanga and Vinyasa, and a bit about Iyengar yoga. Today I want to discuss Bikram, that is becoming more and more popular.

Bikram yoga: A modern type of yoga practice, originated in the 1970′s by Bikram Choudhury, which consists of a 90 minute practice of Yoga Asanas in a room to around 105 degrees Fahrenheit, which is around 40 C. This kind of practice holds many advantages, and, of course, disadvantages. Here are some of the advantages of this practice:

  • exactly 90 minutes – Helps us focus knowing an end point
  • Exact time for each posture – helps us focus on doing the best
  • High temperature – better feeling and detoxing
  • Same practice – fast learning curve

Premium Yoga Mat – Bikram time:

Having a time limit has taught us many things in life. In tests at school for example, we practiced on how to focus our brain in the time limit presented to complete the test. In competitive sports, many times we need to push ourselves to the limit in order to make the extra goal to change a losing match into a winning match, with the clock running against us. In Bikram Yoga Practice, having the 90 minute limit helps us focus more on the target in hand, which is giving it all to the breathing and body positions. It takes our mind of meetings, errands, and anything else, as the time-frame is known and exact.

Another thing with timing is that the poses always take the same time, and it helps us focus on the yoga better, getting our body used to repeating the same things for the same intervals. We are creatures of habit, both on and off our premium yoga mat, and it is those little habits that makes life easier for us, and helps us focus on our goals.

Premium Yoga Mat – Bikram Temperature:

The main advantage of Bikram Yoga is the High temperature in the room. While sun-salutations are often referred to as the “Yoga Warm up routine”, to get our body ready for the practice, having a high temperature sets out body in a smoother mood, as our muscles get softer and allow us to move our joints more freely and with less effort.

The other advantage this temperature offers is the detoxing of the body while we practice. Sweating is one of the most efficient ways the body has to release poison and toxins. In modern living, we hardly get any sweating done, and if we do, those of us who have practiced Bikram can tell you – It is not the same sweating you get in the GYM or jogging in the park.

This is it for now about Bikram yoga and its advantages. Hope you enjoy this post of Premium Yoga Mat.

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